“I am not interested in art as a means of making a living, but I am interested in art as a means of living a life.” Robert Henri

Sunday, June 26, 2011


For art lovers and those who enjoy beautiful images, please wander on over to It's About Time.  This site will provide pictures and bio information about a variety of topics, including:
  • flowers and gardens
  • reading
  • motherhood
  • outside art
  • boating
  • the countryside
  • folk art
  • working with textiles
  • Madonna and child
  • and NINE other topics for you to investigate for lovely illustrations
  • PLUS Four, yes four, other blogs Barbara authors, each in its own separate blog space, and each fascinating in its own right

Michael Peter Ancher (Danish artist, 1849–1927) Artist's wife Anna Ancher

This is just one of the pictures found on one of Barbara's blogs.  She entitled it Outside in the Hot, Hot Garden.  Can you tell I am very much impressed by this prolific blogger and researcher? In part, she says:
I am a historian, the images usually cluster around some social, cultural, or academic theme or a timeline. I try to choose works that justify their inclusion on aesthetic grounds. There is a little museum in each blog -- no travel necessary.

dawn chorus, Ipsden, Midsummer (mp3)

A blogging buddy who lives in the UK doing her PhD (The Domestic Soundscape) introduced me to Audioboo and provided the bird call. (It is one of Felix's top hits!)  Just click on the arrow and turn up your speakers and you will feel like you have a morning flower bouquet in your hand!

The picture of  the yellow flowers In Anna Ancher's arms reminded me to put this small work of sunflowers in oils that I have been painting for a few weeks:

The stems have not been started, and the centers have no definition yet.  We shall see.


  1. Art is so amazing. I love a good backstory.

  2. Gorgeous work as always...your flowers are always captivating! and beautiful blogs...thanks for the links and info! Stunning!


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