“I am not interested in art as a means of making a living, but I am interested in art as a means of living a life.” Robert Henri

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watercolor of Childhood Home


  1. Beautiful, Nancy. So inviting. Happy Sunday!

  2. I love the 9th and 10th flower on the sidebar. The colorings are so vivid and beautiful.
    The rooster one is kicka**!!! Sorry, I just had to say that b/c it looks so darn awesome.

  3. Your paintings are so beautiful! Every single one.
    I love that poppy, absolutely gorgeous...and the rooster, he's a beauty!

  4. Found you from a friend's blog page..can I add you somehow to my Ravelry friend list? I am still kinda new at it all - but glad to see you have some info about - audio links at ravelry, I will have to try and find them. Will drop in again. and will see what I can find out about the 10 minute art projects...I haven't made myself pull out my watercolor paints since we moved here, 3 years ago! Carol B - which I think is my ravelry name.


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