“I am not interested in art as a means of making a living, but I am interested in art as a means of living a life.” Robert Henri

Saturday, July 3, 2010

While on the morning walk, I caught a photo or two of sunbeams filtering though billowing cumulus clouds.

It did not seem like too difficult a task to try and capture a few beams in oils coming through clouds on a landscape.  (Wrong.) 

This, after many painting attempts, does not nearly capture that view:

It needs lots more contrast in the lights and darks and many more layers of paint.

The late Bob Ross shows how to make clouds on a YouTube video:

NOW, after reviewing the Ross video, let's take a snippet of the cloud from the lighthouse canvas:

And with a little fan brush work, here is a later rendition of clouds with a bit of tutalage from Bob Ross:

The pinks need to be worked in, along with more white. It is a work in progress!


  1. Fine and nice blog you have! Writes a line to say that I have been here for a visit!
    Have a nice summer!
    Best regards from Peter Indispensable!

  2. I enjoyed cruising both your blogs. You are a talented artist. I'll be back. Thanks for sharing your paintings online.

  3. Love the clouds and your painting! I think it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!



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